Are You Ready to put the “YOU”

into Fab-YOU-lous?

Janice Christopher, Relationship Mentor, Love Coach, Business Coach

Hi There~ I’m Janice Christopher, also known as The Relationship De-Coder. I’m all about clarity, which means that when you enter my world, I’ll be asking you to dig deep and discover who-you-really-are. We’ll always begin with your relationship with “YOU” and move on from there. 

Are you kinda stuck in a rut or bored with your daily routines?

Once you get the “lay of the land” and know your passions and your preferences, we can strategically map out your vision for each area of your life.

You’ll want to check out my FabYou-Lous You Maps and courses.

Are you the person that your friends whisper about? pssst: Why is she still single? 

Once you’ve gone through my signature MATE-Mapping Process, you’ll only remain single if that’s your choice.

You’ll want to check out my MATE Maps Group on Facebook and my FabYou-Lous Mate courses. 

Do you have a business that’s good, or great, but not yet FAB-YouLous? 

Believe it or not, once you’ve gotten the “lay of the land” on who YOU are be-ing in your world, we can add my Fabulous Formula for Business and you’ll be attracting oodles of pefect clients in no-time-flat.

My FabYou-Lous Business Maps are for you!

It’s time to connect the dots! How you do “one thing” is how you do everything. So if you’re wondering if your life can get more fun and more fabulous, let’s work on making it so. Let’s put the YOU in FabYOU-lous!!




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