Be Who You Are, Do What You Love

aka: How to Turn Your Passions into Profits!

Janice Christopher, Relationship Mentor, Love Coach, Business Coach


The coaching methodologies that I use in my practice are designed to help you discover what you really want your life and your business to look like. Creating a deeper relationship with yourself and discovering what makes you tick sets the foundation for a happier, more fulfilling life. When you are living my mantra and BEING YOU and DOING WHAT YOU LOVE…in other words—sharing your passions and getting paid to do so, you are living your life on fire! My dad used to say “When you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Are you wondering if you can:

  • Get paid to “do your hobby” or share your passion?
  • Have an even more rewarding family life?
  • Attract a mate who is ideal for you?
  • Align your business with your heart so that you can be truly authentic in your work life?
  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom?
  • Make life choices based only on what’s ideal for you?

My straightforward approach will help you create a life strategy based on being authentically, boldly, unconditionally you. Who you are, what you love. Your passions, your interests, your loves. Because I know a couple of things for sure: When you’re clear, you can create anything. When you’re clear on how you would ideally like all areas of your life to look, you can begin to manifest from a place of clarity.

What’s Ideal for You? encompasses one-on-one coaching utilizing fun and easy exercises, with additional materials such as e-books, podcasts and tools that will help you stay on track.






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